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Here are some thing’s you can expect:

  • Before your call

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    If the submission was made during regular business hours, we are reviewing it right now. If submitted late at night, we will review first thing in the morning and call you promptly.

    We Will Contact You Soon

    We will reach out to follow up with you personally.

  • During your call

    Initial Discussion

    We’d like to ask you general questions about your case. Please be prepared to discuss when, where and what happened.

    Case Acceptance

    If we determine that we are able to help you with your case, we will let you know during our first call.

  • After your call

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    Once we determine we can help you, we will set a mutually convenient time to meet. We can come to you, if you prefer.

    Start working for you

    After our meeting and once we have been hired, we will immediately being work on your case and formulate a case specific plan designed around the facts of your particular case