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How To Find An Injury Law Firm In San Diego During Corona Virus.

Posted by sdinjurycomstg on April 3rd, 2020 - Firm News

How To Find An Injury Law Firm In San Diego During Corona Virus.

If you have been injured in San Diego in a car, bicycle, pedestrian or other accident during the Corona Virus Quarantine, you might be asking yourself: “How do I hire an injury lawyer during Corona Virus?”

Given the myriad of lockdown rules that have come down from a State and San Diego local level, it’s easy to see why people may be confused about what they can and cannot do and, if they can hire an injury lawyer and how to go about doing so.

The first answer is yes, you can hire an accident attorney during the corona virus lockdown. The second question is how.

Currently, as of April 2020, in person office meetings are not allowed, per the state order. So, you should look for an accident lawyer who has the ability to work remotely while maintaining client files and case processing.

The accident attorneys at Phillips and Pelly have been a cloud based law firm long before the corona virus outbreak. This means that we have our own private cloud and maintain client files, and our systems, electronically. For you, the client, you get the benefit of a San Diego accident lawyer working on your case while the State is under lockdown.

If you have been involved in an injury accident, you can hire our injury lawyers (No Win, No Fee basis) while complying with the ‘stay at home” orders, currently in place in California. We will start your case remotely.

Our attorneys are available via telephone, email and FaceTime, and your claim will be properly set up, filed and managed while we all get through this time together. If you need medical care, we can arrange that at a location away from the hospitals.

To find out if you have a case, call (858) 794 1700. You can also visit our website and start a conversation via Live chat.

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