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  • Injury Accidents & Medical Care During Corona Virus

    Injury Accidents & Medical Care During Corona Virus

    Posted by sdinjurycomstg on April 3rd 2020 - Car Accidents

    If you have been recently been involved in an injury accident, the number one question you may have is: "How am I going to get medical care?". With job layoff's at historic highs the thought incurring of medical bills is not enticing & the emergency rooms are stressed with the corona virus concerns, The accident & injury lawyers at Phillips & Pelly, thr...

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  • Virtual Office Injury Lawyers.

    Virtual Office Injury Lawyers.

    Posted by sdinjurycomstg on March 27th 2020 - Firm News

    Wow! What a month March, 2020, has been for the world and the United States. With the spread of the corona virus, law firms and other businesses have had to pivot to continue providing full service to clients. If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if, or how, you can hire a personal injury lawyer given the social distancing and business closure...

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